How to Order via Mobile

How to Order



1A. Click this for browing category menu

2. Or you can type the brand/ name of product by using the search box. ( no need to type brand, just the

name of the lenses . example : brand dreamcolor , nobluk gray. you can type nobluk gray ) 



1B. You can search the products you want by click one of them. We already make it easier for you. if you want

to search natural lenses, you can click circle lens, then their menu will show up again, then you can click

natural lenses. If you want to search Brand EOS, you can click shop by brands, this will show up their brands. 



1C. Filter will show up to shorten your category field. You can use this one if you want to search any specific

lenses you want. example : after you click new arrivals, you will see this filter. You want to buy color blue with

diameter 14mm. you can click them with filter. After that, the products that you are searching for is show up.



3. Click on the product you want



4. Read the product information carefully

5. Choose your preferable lens specification

6. Click add to bag to proceed.




7. Check cart details, select product quantity

8. Click anywhere to shop again or click checkout to place your order.


9A. If you have an account, click sign in to re-use stored delivery information



9B. If you don't have an account, you can fill the form and buy it as a guest.

10. Then, click continue.




11. Check your order again, make sure your order is correct.

12. Choose your shipping method and payment method.

13. If you want to make a note, fill this.

14. Click complete order after you fill them.


15. Your order trancript will be sent to your email. If you're a member, it will also shows up at your account history, if not you can find it at the track order. Please note your order ID, you need this one to confirm your payment or track your order. 


Thank You and Happy Shopping

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